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Activities, rights and Duties

City Guard is a law enforcement agency that is under the control of the local government.

City guard activities:
1) Protection of public safety and order including ensuring peace in public places.
2) Control of the road traffic (within the scope determined by road traffic regulations).
3) Maintenance of order in public means of transport.
4) Cooperation with the appropriate services (in case of life-threatening situations, natural disasters, etc.).
5) To secure the scene of crime/catastrophe/road accident until police arrival.
6) Protection of council facilities.
7) Transport of the intoxicated to a detoxification detention centre.
8) Informing the local community of any potential threats.
9) Organizing events which aim is to improve public awareness of crime and pathology (and ways of preventing them).
10) Serve as an escort (on council recommendation, in case any important documents or any objects of value need transporting).

Duties of a city guard officer:
1) To obey the law.
2) To carry out an order diligently and impartially.
3) To have respect for other people's solemnity, dignity and honour.
4) To intervene whenever human life, human safety or human property runs into danger.
5) To remain calm and polite while interacting with superiors, inferiors and with citizens.
6) To constantly improve their qualifications.
7) To behave with dignity (either on or off duty).